Flatpak Okular lists "mock" as the only TTS engine

I’m using OpenSUSE Tubleweed with GNOME 45. I installed Okular 24.02.1 from FlatHub but I noticed that “mock” is the only TTS engine listed:

Okular 24.02.1 got from Zypper gives me speechd which works correctly. However, it looks way uglier that the flatpak version, for some reason:

How is that? What can I do?

This is a screenshot from the non-flatpak version:

I’m not going to say anything about Flatpaks :speak_no_evil: :smile:

Firefox had a similar issue with access to speechd from the Flatpak and they needed to do some engineering to get it working - obviously this wasn’t done for Okular.

You may want to open a ticket for a feature request about this at bug.kde.org so that Okular developers know that it is important.

Thank you for replying. I will do as you pointed.