Flickering screen when in full screen and using the drop down menus

Hello, this might seem like a very minor issue, but it is driving me crazy trying to figure it out.

When in (view ->) full screen mode, using the menus at the top starts with a black flicker, which would be ok, if weird, but it also messes with OBS which then only sees a black screen, so I haven’t been able to record in full screen for a while. Any idea why ? I was just gonna report it as a bug but maybe i’m missing something.

Here are some videos of the phenomenon, one recorded with OBS, the other filmed with my phone : Weird full screen flickers – Google Drive

I am also experiencing something similar: sometimes programs quickly flicker for few seconds showing desktop wallpaper, also it happens when screen is in sleep mode - periodically horizontal white lines appear (a white snow type lines).
If someone would be interested I could film it as well.

Can you try with the menu bar switched off (Ctrl+M)? Does it happen with the menu having been collapsed to the sandwich/hamburger menu?

I still have black flashes after removing the menu bar when i right click anywhere. Not sure what you mean with your second sentence though

He’s just saying that when you remove the menu bar, you should see the hamburger menu.