Floating task manager panel: Regression?

Hi all,

I’ve recently gotten a very strange behaviour on my floating task manager panel after an arch linux update (somewhere around) the 12th of June. The panel initially functions as normal, but when I open and close a maximised window, the panel has a secondary box around the right/bottom side it when it attempts to float again.

(No, that’s not my normal panel, I’ve blown it up to exaggerate the bug lol)

It additionally is very stuttery when floating/docking and I’m not sure how to fix that. I note this issue is not present on my main pc (also arch linux/KDE 6, but Nvidia graphics, amd cpu).

A (slowed) video showing the issue in more detail.

If anyone can suggest a fix or link a relevant bug I would be greatly appreciative. Otherwise, I’ll file a bug report and hope for the best!

My setup:

- Thinkpad T480s 
- 16G memory
- nvme storage
- intel i5-8th gen
- Mesa intel integrated graphics

- Arch Linux
- Plasma 6.0.5
- Plasma framework 6.3.0
- Qt version: 6.7.1
- Wayland session

See: 488295 – Graphic artifact visible behind floating panel in plasmashell (kde.org)

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Thanks for the confirmation! Good to know it’s a known recent bug