Flying Toasters on Plasma 6 Wayland

I’ve been using this wallpaper plugin in combination with this recreation of the after dark screensavers to get the old school 2D flying-toasters on the plasma lock screen for both my computer and my partner’s computer. It brings us both a lot of joy, but I don’t have much hope that a plasma 6 version of the wallpaper plugin will be released given that it hasn’t been updated in a while, and the porting guide looks a little dense to me; I have to imagine it’s pretty intimidating for anyone who just cobbled together a little QML applet. So, in the event that a plasma 6 version isn’t made, does anyone know how we could go about preserving this not-critical but beloved functionality?

I am not a developer so I am apologizing in advance if my solution is not feasible . Try to find a way to turn that html file to a gif. As of plasma 5.27 you can use gifs as wallpaper and lock screen background. Which is probably still the case in plasma 6. (I am still on 5.27 so I can’t confirm it).
Though nothing is yet final there is a ongoing marge request to add screensaver functionality to kscreenlocker. It that goes though, then you can also use Flying Toaster gif as screensaver on plasma wayland.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this would quite do it - I imagine it would be quite difficult to make a looping GIF of this, and then you’d have issues with different screen resolutions, etc.