Fn + key work only for some keys

I am using Ubuntu Studio 22.04 LTS, with KDE Plasma 5.24.7 and x11. Almost all fn+key combinations work fine, can up and down volume, bright, etc. But the keyboard backlight isn’t working. I tried and it works on win11. How can I fix it? The laptop is a Gigabyte G5 KF. Is there any way to learn or file to modify to get it working? Thanks

Can you check that the keyboard brightness global shortcuts are enabled in System Settings?

I don’t have this option… I searched all system settings…

It’s in Shortcuts. You can also launch it directly from the main menu by searching for “shortcuts”.

Found it, it’s activated. But don’t work. All fn+key shortcuts work fine, but keyboard backlight don’t. Tried adding custom shortcut, but still not work…

If when you add a custom shortcut to trigger the “Toogle keyboard backlight” command, and the custom shortcut also doesn’t toggle the keyboard light, then the problem isn’t with the function keys but with the backlight driver and possibly with the device’s firmware.

For example, on my system the keyboard backlight is controlled by a Dell specific driver on /sys/class/leds/dell::kbd_backlight/brightness . It is likely that your system does not support a standard driver the keyboard brightness and did not provide a driver for that. You can check if /sys/class/leds has anything that seems remotely relevant.

Someone on Reddit pointed out that the Gigabyte G5 laptop is a Clevo ODM device and Tuxedo computers - that ship Clevo ODMs have developed a keyboard backlight driver for these devices. Unfortunately the latest version of these tools are limited to only Tuxedo Clevo devices but some good soul have forked the software and makes it available here: Clevo Keyboard Backlight Control For Linux - NovaCustom

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WORKED! Now I can turn the keyboard backlight on, off, change color, etc. With fn+key combination. Rest of shortcuts keep working too. THANK YOU for your help.