Folder symbols in Dolphin become black/white when size is low?

I have observed the following behavior, which I am not sure if or how to fix:

The icon theme as well as the color theme are set to “Breeze Dark”.
Everything is so great with it, but the only thing that bothers me is the following:

The folder icons in Dolphin are always in the color of the set color theme, which is absolutely great. But: As soon as I change the scaling with the slider in the list view in Dolphin, I notice the following:
16 and 22 pixels shows me black/white folder icons, and only from 32 pixels upwards are the folder icons displayed in the set color scheme.
Is there any way to ensure that the folder icons are still displayed in the same color scheme down to the smallest scaling range? If so, how can I set it?
As I mainly use the smaller scales, this would be an absolute relief for me!

I look forward to your contributions and thank you very much for this incredibly balanced desktop interface, with which I have finally found my home :slight_smile:
By the way: could please anyone let me know, which color do I have to tweak in the color scheme settings, to avoid the different color accents from line to line? I understand that its for better readability in long lists etc. but in the file manager I dont really need this.


welcome… this is normal, and by design.

you can type “colors” anywhere onto the desktop and go to the setting page from the search results.

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Okay, the way I see it, it’s only within the “Breeze” design, right?
Because I actually always return to “Breeze” after I’ve tested all sorts of other styles.
So I would like to stay with “Breeze Dark”, but modify it so that the behavior no longer occurs.
Can I do this? And if so, where exactly in the settings do I have to change something?
In the color scheme or in the symbol package? Is there perhaps a symbol package where this does not happen as described?

Right Click on Places → Icon Size → Large and they will stay as the normal icons (I’m not using the Breeze icons at the moment but I am guessing they work the same)

i think OP want’s small and med to be colored like the larger sizes.

not sure if that kind of theme detail can be edited or not without getting into theme creation.

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there is an option for “choose what to apply” in the global themes setting page that may allow you to transplant the color scheme of one theme onto the rest of the settings for breeze

that may have an effect on the small icons… haven’t tried it.

thank u for ur answer. sadly that doesnt have any effect of the symbols in folder list view within dolphin…

seems like it doesnt work over here, as I use a user defined accent color… but it is definitely a thing of the symbol theme.
I spent hours trying lots of different symbol themes, and I found a lot that have that desired behaviour of that the symbols stay in color even if resized to very slow.
Still I cant really be friends with any of those… tried all the popular ones… and always come back to Breeze dark.
Thats why I want to add that function as a request to the KDE team… does anybody know what would be the best way to do so?