Folder thumbnails

Hey. Can Dolphin be configured to show a one single big thumbnail for folders instead of 4 small ones?


Also is there a way to disable cycling of images on hover?


Currently we have no such settings.

You can feature request them, but I would consider them very low priority.
Adding settings for those would have very low usage, compared to the impact on the code.

I’d be curious to know about your usecase though.

I understand

The use case is that I sometimes have problem with telling what’s inside folder due to thumbnail images being too small (ca. 4 times smaller than for files). The screenshot above doesn’t illustrate it well but for normal “full size” photos it’s often easier to tell what’s inside the folder by looking at one big thumbnail.

And as for image cycling it’s just that I find it a bit distractive.


I’m not sure this is what you’d like to have thou there is a solution that you can take with you even when re-installing and it goes like this,

In your username > home > share make a new folder I called mine ‘icons MIDU’ that’s ‘icons My Icons Done Up’ in there I put photos, icons Inc clipart company logos to use as icons when they go in their resized all to 555 x 555 in Gimp they can be png or Inkscape be svg or use Converseen to change the size and format with converseen make copies of the items firstly it’s really easy to stuff up the setting missing one setting item and ruin all the images, until you get used to converseen make copies, easier to delete copies than to find/get the images again.
The folder that needs an icon image right click > properties click on the folder image goes to select icon bottom of panel has Browse click and select your MIDU folder pick an image to suit clickity OK Open actually and it’s done , oh to make the MIDU folder easier to find right click the folder and use the 'Add to places in the menu.
Have I left anything out , ? .
Changing the icon image is just a few mouse clicks so it’s always up to date.
A bit time consuming at first once set up and done eazy peazy plus carries over from distro upgrades because it’s in your dot local files.

Hope it helps in some small way


Thanks for the input I haven’t really thought about this. Indeed setting a folder icon solves this problem and I’m glad it’s working for you however in my case I have hundreds of folders and subfolders and I often move files between them and I need thumbnail to always reflect the actual content. So I think I’ll have to live with the current behavior for now.

@iguana I think there is a solution, Is this what you need ?
I went to the Github site to see and yeah real nice, Taking it Dolphin-quick-view for a drive .

Hope this helps.

Yeah. I guess you could do kmag. But the scaling is really bad.

What could be nice is if the info panel of Dolphin could be floating.

Which you can do with a toolbar.

Otherwise use Krusader.

Krusader does godzilla…

Quickview won’t enlarge the folder. It’ll you show what’s inside, file by file.

Not sure if that’s suits @iguana thou might be what’s wanted, Mine didn’t want to work on MXLinux 23 , I was only having a look to see what it does.

From what I understand he/she either wants bigger thumbs on folders or a single, bigger one. My best bet for that would have to be Krusader.
Mind you, unlike Caja, Thunar, Rox and some…both Dolphin as Krusader zoom, as far as files go are limited to…what is it, 256px ? But Krusader has a much bigger zoom in terms of…um…info panel.

another approach, i would name one-image-and-one-folder-in-a-partent-folder concept … “parent” folder with just one image or one phote in it and a second folder inside with all the rest of your images. this requires two (or just one) more clicks to open the desired folder. dolphin will display just the photo as a preview label on it

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That’s a good idea and would work except @iguana has a thing for changing the contents of folders

Althou your idea will help others for sure,
@iguana must be busy , Hopefully my input is seen as ‘trying to help’,
I was told I’m very trying :rofl: . . . I"ll let myself out, thank you very much . . . :wink: