Font rendering regressed with 6.0.5?

Hi all,

since installing Plasma 6.0.5 I have noticed a drop in the quality of font rendering.

It’s hard to capture in a screenshot because the difference is subtle, but I noticed something was off immediately after rebooting into 6.0.5, and macro photos confirm that feeling.

I wonder if anybody else is experiencing this?

This is under Wayland, and it happens on the external monitor of a dual monitor setup as follows:

6.0.5 brought many fixes I was looking forward to, but because of this regression I’m seriously considering rolling back to 6.0.4, which had sweetly perfect font rendering (you know, the kind that doesn’t make you feel jealous of other OSs)



6.0.4 (notice how sharp the "e"s are), the horizontal stem seems to be exactly one pixel in height, no hinting:

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6.0.5 (notice how bad the "e"s are), the horizontal stem is blurred by hinting:

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Reported on bugsDOTkdeDOTorg, bug id 488108

Can’t put the actual URL 'cause I’m too new on the forums