Footage in .mov using PNG codec can't be imported anymore (on last version)


I am facing a issue since update to version 23.04.3 under Linux Mint, i have many footage in .mov file that is made with PNG image, so it use the PNG codec.
This footage are from the Footagecrate website (the free footage) and many i made myself with Natron.
I always use it in Kdenlive, all was right, and since the last (maybe 2 last, since the last time i use it was in April this year and it was working), on the last version, when i import this type of file, it detect it as a sound track that is just not usable.
But if i open a project that use this file, all is working.
Here is a screenshot how it import the file

Of course all the file are ok and work perfectly with VLC.
I try to copy the sequence from the working project, but when i past it on the new i get the exact same issue.
If i import a standard .mov video from a Iphone, it work, but not a footage using png codec.

Many hours i try now, maybe can someone try to see if that a general issue or only at me ?

Thanks a lot

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And in addition, here a screenshot of the detail in Kdenlive :

And here is a screenshot of a existing project that use this same type of file, you can see it is imported right, and the detail is right too.

And here the detail of the file in a existing project that work.

I found a temporary solution, i open the .kdenlive project file in a text editor to compare a new one i save with the import issue and a old project that work, i see one difference, the new one has this line :

property name=“set.test_image”>1</property

So i remove this line or put it to 0, and the next must be change from -1 to 0 :

property name=“video_index”>-1</property

Save the file and that work, must to that for each file imported.

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Thanks for sharing your solution. However, I agree with you that there is something broken from one Kdenlive release to another and it needs to be fixed. May I bother you to create a bug report in and provide as much details as you have posed here? Thanks

Ok, I just did it :wink: