For anyone still have issues with the shutdown, reboot or logoff button after updating; delete ~/.config/startkderc

For anyone still have issues with the shutdown, reboot or logoff button after updating; delete ~/.config/startkderc

I discovered this with trial and error because I didn’t want to redo all the desktop settings in the house on systems that all run the same distro.

Judging by comments on plasma 6, I’m glad there is no Plasma 6 in debian available for install.

And it probably won’t be for a long time. xD
Myself, I would not even use debian with a desktop, I use debian on servers with cli only.

Not sure what you want to achieve with your comment…

@dreaperxz Thank you for contributing to the community! :heart:

I’m not trying to achieve anything. I am just pointing out something. Because sometimes old configs from older version of the desktop can cause problems on on the newer versions.

Seems like it was a packaging issue on KDE Neon. But this issue still remains with old config files like this one being the culprit as to why the menu won’t work when it comes to using those buttons. So, you have to reset that.

The first part was not aimed at YOU buddy, only the last sentence. :heart:

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Okay. Guess I missed that. You are welcome.

I’m not trying to achieve anything but just putting my opinion out, I’m otherwise fan of KDE desktop but amount of negative comments on plasma 6 on some forums including here makes me happy I’m not given an option to install it, so having enough time for updates to be released before it’s available in debian repos that’s all.

As for your comment on debian, I don’t see any other distro qualify better than debian, minimalistic, bloat free and stable approach which debian provides suits my wants.


As a newbie here what are the steps for deleting this line of code?

You don’t delete any “lines of code”, you delete the file ~/.config/startkderc.
I recommend you rename it instead though.
That way you can easily bring it back in case it did not work.

I use kde with opensuse tw. I also encountered problems with the power off button. I looked for the startkderc file in the .config folder but couldn’t find it. I didn’t find startkderc in the other folders either. Can you give me an indication. Thank you

What do you mean by ‘indication’?

I mean a possible solution.

The solution is to delete the file ~/.config/startkderc.

Other than that, I don’t know anything else.

In openSUSE Tumbleweed this file does not exist.

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I replaced the breeze icons with mikos-big-sur and now it works.