For the second time, I lost all audio editing I made

After HOURS of work, for the second time(first when I was using 24.02 now with 24.02.2) I’ve lost ALL THE AUDIO CHANGES I MADE IN MY PROJECT

First time, the audio was COMPLETELY reset and ungrouped from the original cut clips. Now two different lanes, A1 and A2, became the exact same upon openning a project and some Fing how it auto saved like that because even closing and openning again won’t fix it.

can new updates P L E A S E be tested? Can the devs add more and more automated tests every time bugs are fixes? I’m losing my patience with every single new update being a gamble on whether or not I’ma lose ALL MY WORK which is how I MAKE MONEY. How can I even donate to the project if I myself won’t get paid ?

Nothing beats a manual backup to a different drive after every change you make. Trust me.


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Sad to here that. If you don’t mind can you upload such a kdenlive file so that the dev can have a look what happen with the audio.

Wow, HOURS of work.

Linux Mint introduced me to timeshift some 9 years ago, and since then I adjusted and tuned my strategy for snapshotting and backing up stuff. I lost nothing since using Vista in 2006 if I remember right. A few years ago I had some crashes with KDEnlive, now I am also using kdenlive 24.02.2-1…

Two things spring to mind.

  1. Frequent autosave, frequent BTRFS snapshots. - Switch from ‘normal’ (for me hourly) snapshots to sensitive (5, 10 or 15 minutes).

  2. Set up an individual folder for more frequent incremental backups of a working folder/Documents folder or whatever fits the bill. You could set a 1 minute incremental backup, if the folder is only used for sensitive edits then nothing will happen (incremental means only changes are saved, and when done you move your finished work out of the folder).

It’s up to you to have robust tricks to avert disaster - there are more tools there than you can list in a dozen pages here.

good day, unfortunately I have the same problem, after editing my video and almost finishing it, I decided to save it and to get the bad surprise that everything was out of order, the audios were mounted, the video clips were not in the order in which I left them , it is a shame that this happens, it is not the first time it has happened to me, other times it happened to me but I was able to repair it and this time I could not do it, I hope they can solve this bug, after saving and opening the project it disassembles, especially the Audio

Hi, and welcome to the forum und community.

Please follow @Eugen_Mohr’s suggestion and upload the Kdenlive project file for the dev team to analyze it. Open a bug report or look for the one @peq42 has opened and simply add your experience and file(s).