Formalities for STF funding

Starting from this discussion and after checking out the site, it seems that anyone with enough knowledge would have too much on their hands to put time into this.

Proposed Solution: Let’s convert the formality into a discussion, hopefully leading to a better output and not taking too much time from a single person.

  • Then, whosoever is willing to deal with the Sovereign Tech Fund, can submit the form and continue from there.

If anyone knows a better location for this discussion (e.g. a wiki-like site which allows multiple people to edit the same text), kindly redirect this discussion there.

To start off, Here is the Sample PDF of the form available on the STF site. (To see the actual form, one would need to Sign Up)

Next, I shall list the Fields and whoever is interested continue a thread from there.

We might be able to apply separately for features like kde-frameworks, kde-plasma and others. To Apply for any project separately, its cost of work must be > €150,000.

  1. Application Name
  2. Project Title (Maybe same as Application Name)
  3. Describe your project in a sentence. (100 words)
  4. Describe your project more in-depth. Why is it critical? (300 words)
  5. Link to project Repository
  6. Link to project website
  7. (dependencies and reverse-dependencies) Please provide a brief overview over your project’s dependencies, including your own dependencies and projects that rely on your technology. (300 words)
  8. Which target groups does your project address (who are its users?) and how do they benefit from the funding
    (directly and indirectly)? (300 words)
  9. How was the work on the project made possible so far (structurally, financially, including volunteer work)? If applicable, list others sources of funding that you applied for and/or received. (300 words)
  10. What do you plan to implement with the support from STF?
    (objectives and the corresponding activities and how they contribute to the improvement or maintenance
    of the technology, especially with regard to security and resilience)
  11. How many days do you estimate for these activities? (Answer in number of Labour-Days) (1 day is 8 hours of work per person) (Suggested sum of total number of days for all suggested activities)
  12. Amount of funding requested. (See pdf for options)
  13. Estimated exact funding amount (optional)
  14. In what timeframe will you perform the activities? (3-18 months) (So the plan to be made for the activities needs to be < 18 months)
  15. Who (maintainer, contributor, organization) would be most qualified to implement this work/receive the support and why? (300 words)
  16. Applicants name/handle
  17. Link to profile (optional)
  18. Applicants role in the project (See pdf for options)
  19. Country and state of residence (probably of the applicant)

We have until Spring of this year to decide Application details, after which, we can apply.
If you decide to apply on behalf of any KDE project, kindly send a mail to regarding the same.
Other contact details for KDE e.V.

I suggest checking out the:

before participating in the discussion.
You can also checkout the following if you are considering applying yourself.

All of these are on the same page.