Frame rate transcoding

I would like to ask you how do you handle frame rate. I have Galaxy S21 and every time I want to insert mp4 to timeline, program asks me to change framerate to “friendly” one. Friendly for me is fast.

I have been using kdenlive in a past, now I am using CapCut, but it is consuming quite some memory and I wanted to com back to original love. Transcoding was the only reason I left in a first place.

I know I could use Handbrake, or built in transcoder, but it just take too much time and file is too big. Can’t be a more easy solution for us non tech guys? Is there some workaround I could do and still get result? I have been using also Olive in a past and Shotcut and frame rate situation only here. I like program and it works fast, but … I try to produce videos as fast as possible and would really appreciate any help and solution.

I am afraid this is not the right interpretation :wink: In the context of a non-linear video editor like Kdenlive, not “edit-friendly” means that the source file most likely has a variable frame rate (most mobile devices use the VFR format in order to save space) which cannot be used for editing as it creates video/audio sync issues. Therefore, most if not all video editor SW require constant-frame-rate (CFR) source files.

And that is why Kdenlive asks you to change the source file to an “edit-friendly” format. It shouldn’t take too long, though.

Hey @whdmike!

berndmj has already explained the pitfalls of variable frame rates, so I’ll offer this: look into ways of capturing your footage at a fixed frame rate. I’m able to do so on my Pixel’s stock camera app settings. Look to see if that’s possible with your Galaxy.

If not, there are other specialized camera apps which may be able to capture your footage at a fixed frame rate. My favourites are Open Camera (free) and Protake (auto mode is free, Pro mode is $13.99/year).

Here are some Open Camera tutorials:

Test these apps and see if the frame rate is fixed and how Kdenlive responds to these clips. Do also note that Premiere Pro also runs into issues with variable frame clips.

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Thank you for you answer. I tried Open Camera and it didn’t work. Still I had to transcode the file. I am in a coaching business and making almost every day a video. I just cut it, add a thumbnail and that’s it. It should not take me more time than necessary.

At the moment I will revert back to version 21.12.3 and give it a shot. Thank you all for support.

Hello @whdmike
Do you need the sound of the cell phone recordings?
If I ignore the error message, then nothing bad will happen if the sound is not used.
My suggestion is certainly not a clean solution, but it is a way to get to editing quickly after all, without transcoding.

Just looked at the tip for the OpenCamera app and changed the frame rate to 80Mbit/sec: Unfortunately no improvement. My Galaxy Note 10 phone unfortunately does not manage constant bitrates.

But if I just ignore the prompt, nothing bad happens.

Fortunately, I rarely have to use a video from my phone.

Now I know better: If you ignore the warning and don’t convert, there are problems: First you don’t notice anything, also you can render well, but the project becomes very unstable, especially if you apply “Mix Clips (U)” to clips that have both constant and variable bitrates.
So in short, the warning from Kdenlive "Convert to" is not in vain. I think you should definitely convert.