Fresh VM from latest live crashes

From the latest iso. I made a VM which went fine, reboot multiple times all still fine. As soon as i apply the single update listed, it reboots then presents the grub menu and will not pass that point. Doesn’t matter what you select or let it auto load it hangs

Your case seems to be relevant to this bug. Are these the steps you followed?

This wasn’t in offline mode. In addition this is a stable live not an unstable build

Maybe I’m wrong but my understanding is that “offline mode” is not necessarily referring to “no internet connection involved at all”. We ARE downloading the updates after all. I think it’s just an unfortunate naming choice for a different concept: updates that get applied on reboot.

Really confusing naming choice. I think we should consider revising “offline mode” to something more clear.

Agreed. Any suggestions?

I think “Updates applied on reboot” could be a good candidate.


It looks like I already did that 4 months ago and then promptly forgot about it!

So it should be better in Plasma 6, so be released in one week!


ok ill wait until the next big release and try again