Full search, all folders and drives (mounted and local) name and content

I want to do a full search, in text-files, pdf-files included, and in content as well as filenames. Is that possible?
Krunner doesn’t seem to do it and Kfind either.
I found “Recoll”, but before installing that, I want to know if I overlooked an option build in KDE.

Yes, you just need to make sure it is enabled, and add/exclude extra directories if needed.

Look in System Settings >> Search

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Does it do context in, say, pdf files nowadays?
For me personally, the fastest and most capable searcher is catfish. Tried the lot of them, but catfish is, imho, one of the very best. Gtk, sure. But apart from text in image files, it finds everything.

It always has, as well as for .odt and .docx files. Not sure about zip files.
I have had good luck with it over the years, though it can’t really be used for on-demand searches of new files.

Well, if it does odt it probably will do zip.

Thank you, Claydoh! I saw my NextCloud-folder was not included in the indexed folders. That’s were most of my files are.
I’ll test it later, it’s indexing now :slight_smile:

And indeed, I used Catfish before, I just temporarily forgot about it, so thanks for reminding me as well.

Like I said, I tried a bunch. But for my usecase Catfish nails it. Lightweight, fast…
Exept for a few, like jar, tar…it handles everything without indexing a ton. Again, for my usecase. Recoll is good too, but a lot heavier overall.

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Hi dzon, I configured Krunner / Search correct in the settings and now I find text in pdf files in an instant. I installed Catfish, but I think I won’t be needing it.

Yeah, I just don’t have any zip files with text in my search-enabled directories.
I’ll create on for testing.

Yup, Plasma’s desktop search does index zips, once indexed.

I generally use Plasma’s search (baloo) as it fits my needs very well. When it doesn’t, I just use Kfind, which is accessible from the same Dolphin search button. My general search needs are not usually overly involved.