Fullscreen does not fit whole screen

Hello, with some applications and games I have a white bar at the bottom or top of the screen when entering fullscreen. I first thought that it’s because of their application but I then saw on others.

Here I have a screenshot of a game running in Yuzu. On the bottom one can see the taskbar.

I’ve tested some media players and Implay don’t have this issue. It’s a strange thing. Is this a KDE bug?

On the second example I play a video in Haruna. For some reason the screenshot as bars at the bottom too, but in reality the bar is only at the top.

Edit: I found out that Gwenview has the same issue. That’s why I saw the bar at the bottom. But in my browser I don’t have this issue.

If you are using X11, the global scale is 250% or 300%, and your screen size is not a multiple of 3, then you might need to create a window rule that force StrictGeometry=no for all windows. That should solve the problem.

Thank you for your replay. Yes I’m using X11 and my scaling factor is 118,75%. I tried it out with 100%, but it didn’t fix the issue. What do you mean with “multiple of 3”? My screen resolution is 1920x1080. I didn’t found “StrictGeometry” in the list of properties in the window rules tab, do you mean “Ignore requested geometry”?

I tried this rule, but I saw no effect. I thought it may be an Nvidia problem, so I also reinstalled the Nvidia driver, but nothing changed. I tried Wayland and the issue wasn’t present there. Unfortunately Wayland isn’t ready yet. The night colors doesn’t work there.

Yes, try set “ignore requested geometry - force - yes”.

This didn’t help either. Unfortunately I don’t remember anymore after what this issue arose.

Nvidia is the problem, as always. I deleted the xorg.conf file and that solved it.