Fullscreen Kickoff

The fullscreen Kicker is likely to be removed in Plasma 6. Here I come up with a fullscreen Kickoff prototype optimized for touchscreen users. Hope you like it.

  1. The default screen shows favorite apps
  2. Swipe left to view recent files/applications
  3. Swipe up to view all apps


Do you mean the application dashboard with fulllsceen kicker?

I am a bit confused what the difference with kicker and kickoff is

Yes. I am confused, too, but they live in different folders.

Good to know Im not the only one.

My feedback so far:

Note: the fullscreen dashboard was not only useful for touchscreen users. I liked it also on my desktop, so please make it also usable on a normal desktop.

Also any reason why you do the power actions top right and not bottom left like all the other launchers. (Would be only a minor issue for me)

If you have a prototype that compiles please post it here so I can try it.

Thanks for your work.


I use the full screen app launcher on my TV - so for me it’s important that it will work with arrow keys navigation.

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In case. There are a couple of fullscreen alternatives available.

Didn’t think of the TV case, makes sense

I’m a bit worried to hear that the application dashboard is likely to be removed in Plasma 6, since that’s the one I have been relying on for the past years.

My setup is a desktop machine with a 24" 16:10 monitor (1920x1200 px) with no touch support, and application dashboard is really working great for me!
Thus I hope any replacement like the mentioned new fullscreen Kickoff prototype could also be used properly with mouse + keyboard input (without touch support)…

Prototype V1 is out. It doesn’t need compiling, just clone the repo and run qml6 package/contents/ui/DashboardRepresentation.qml


This is great!

My biggest gripe with application dashboard (and why I could never use it) is the misuse of space and no way to configure it.

So, the input that I can offer is to have some configuration option to choose the size of the grid, and maybe the ability to choose which view is default at launch (e.g., favorites or all-apps).

Also, are you planning it’s fullscreen view to be like the overview-effect/present-windows, or just as it is in the prototype you shared? FWIW, I think it would be cool to keep it consistent, following the UI of the overview effect.

Either way, good stuff! :+1:

Like I said, there are a couple of fullscreen menus available with several options.
For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUqNyI5JFD4&t=28s

Setting the default view at launch makes sense. Size/number of grids should also be possible.

I am not sure making it look like Overview is even possible because of the extra user avatar and power buttons, and using the desktop background will require it becoming a kwin plugin, but blur background should be possible with KWindowEffects::enableBlurBehind.

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This is something I would start from or even upstream, but it also uses Kicker’s code, so if Kicker is removed in Plasma 6, the widget will also become unusable.

I think that using the blur background property while keeping the UI elements (e.g., search bar) similar in size and style to the overview effect could work, and in my opinion, would definitely make a nice addition to the “official” launchers.

Just to clarify:
kicker: Application menu
kickoff: Application launcher
full-screen kicker/kickoff: Application Dashboard

Highly doubt that. By your reasoning 75% of kwin effects, menus etc…would become obsolete, which is not the case.

No, but why would you think of that? KWin effects and global menu don’t even use the Kicker code.

The plan is to remove Application Dashboard in Plasma 6, so if a widget is forked from Application Dashboard, it would need rewriting to get rid of DashboardWindow at least.

Right. And in terms of writing, only kde devs are capable of doing that.
And where did I say that kwin effects and global menu use kicker code?

By your reasoning 75% of kwin effects, menus etc…would become obsolete

There is a chance to upstream it. Proposal made: Plasma 6 proposal: Fullscreen application launcher based on Kickoff (#105) · Issues · Plasma / Plasma Desktop · GitLab


same here! using it as a daily driver. why removing?