Fullscreen screensharing with hidden applications

The idea came from this application on MacOS

I assume such a feature would require updates to wayland and or portals protocol.

Would it be possible to essentially have a user defined list of applications that cannot be shared/recorded/screenshotted etc and on top of them a filter was placed or the application window was completely invisible?

Yes, definitely needed. For example KeepassXC can hide its window while screen casting on Windows and MacOS, but not on Linux/Wayland: Prevent screen capture on Windows and macOS by smlu · Pull Request #6030 · keepassxreboot/keepassxc · GitHub

Why not just move the apps you don’t want to share to a separate virtual desktop where they can’t be seen? Or don’t share the whole screen, just share the windows you want shared?

the point i think is prevention of unintended recordings.

Also virtual desktops are an advanced feature that i can’t trust my dad to for example know about or use.

ok now your use case makes sense. The Parent support/use thing I can totally understand and get behind.