Game and program crashes after restarting the monitor

Hey! When I turn off my monitor by using the physical button on it, then turn it back on, I see some weird changes like these:

  1. Blue light filter stops working on X11.
  2. The running game or sometimes programs (very rarely) crashes or freezes for no reason.
  3. Any third party game installers on Lutris or something else crashes or freezes.
  4. System becomes unusable if the system was under heavy load when turning the monitor off. Need to reboot in order to make it usable again.

And so on. Problems persists on both Wayland and X11. I’ve tried Fedora 38 and openSUSE Tumbleweed.

I heard that it’s an old bug. Is there any workaround to fix the problem?

That is interesting. I don’t get that behavior, but on my system - if I open System Settings → Display and Monitor → Display Configuration, I see that my second screen is still recognized, even when it is off.

It could be that on your system - the display configuration removes the display when the screen is off, and that may explain the behavior. can you please check?

Yupp I’ve checked it. It’s initializing a new display. That’s what causing the problem. Why is that happening?

So, you have only one screen on your system and you turn it off from time to time? I don’t think that’s a use case Plasma developers have tested.

The idea is that if you turn off your “primary” screen, then Plasma needs to move the main panel (that lives on the primary screen) to the new primary screen (screens have priority, and the “primariest” active screen will show the main panel). If there’s no primary screen - I’m guessing the behavior isn’t well defined.

I think you should open a bug about it in Please link it here so I can follow up on it.

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Hey! Thanks for your suggestion. I have filled a bug report. You can follow up on it. Thanks again!