Garbled audio only when adding sequence to another sequence

This is my first complex project in Kdenlive. I’m on Ubuntu 22.04 and snap-installed Kdenlive 23.04.2 rev 91.

Problem: When I create a sequence with audio, preview sounds fine. When I add that sequence to another (eg main) sequence, audio is garbled, as if sample rate is wrong. This is true of both (main sequence) preview and exported file. Video works fine. If I move audio track contents to the main sequence, audio is fine (but obviously I lose some benefits of having separate sequences).

Let me know what else I can provide. This happens with every (sub) sequence I make. Audio is Audacity-created VBR joint-stereo mp3 at 145-185 kbps.


Update The problem does not occur when using current PPA version (23.04.3) instead of the snap package. I was also expriencing consistent segfaults with the snap package whenever I clicked on some video clips in the project bin, this also does not occur with the PPA version.

Thanks for sharing your findings!

The packaging is done by others, not the Kdenlive team. Any errors or inconsistencies need to be reported to the package maintainer.


I have no certainty on whether the issue is related to packaging or the version, since different packaging options offer different versions. That said, packaging seems to be the most likely suspect.

On a side note, while the PPA version fixes the two earlier issues, it introduces a new one - audio recording does not work

And then you have the appimage version which is also different from the kdenlive-stable ppa version …