Getting a clean config directory, with KConfigXT!

This is a sort-of reply to Herzenschein’s blog post from a few months ago. He goes over how to tell KConfig put it’s files into app-specific folders instead of dumping them into the garbage bin of ~/.config. He noted that he hasn’t touched KConfigXT yet, so this is how to make it work with KConfigXT applications.

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Another problem with KDE config files is that they put window size and recent files along with user preferences in the same file. I track the whole ~/.config with git, but KDE config files can’t be tracked because they keep changing.

Transient states like window size and recent files seem to be more suitable for ~/.local or ~/.cache. Most other software does use ~/.local for history and like. Could KDE do a similar split?

This is already being fixed by some applications. It depends on having the app developer ensuring the state gets written to the right file :slight_smile:

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