Getting the latest updates of KDE on Debian

I’m relatively new on Linux and I’ve been using Debian Bookworm, but there’s a dumb question, how can I get the latest updates of KDE? I’ve seen a lot of new features and patches in Plasma 5.27.4, but Debian repositories still uses Plasma 5.27.2 (even on SID)

I don’t know if there’s another repository that I can add to the APT List to get the latest KDE Features

This is probably a better question for a Debian-specific forum. In KDE we don’t have any control over Debian’s release schedule.

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Debian is known for shipping older packages to improve stability. It may be worth looking into another distribution, like Debian Unstable or Fedora, if you’d like fresher packages.


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Unfortunately, Debian is in hard freeze atm and thus will be outdated until bookworm releases and unstable ( sid ) opens up again. There are many options out there for Latest and greatest KDE including KDE Neon, but for Debian proper you will have to wait. I have always wanted to create a Neon derivative using Debian as the base, but time has not been on my side. Someday.

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Well, you could give a spin. Haven’t looked what exactly they’re packing these days though.

Thank you! It was made by Pau on Twitter

There used to be a repo maintained by Norbert Preining where you got the (almost) latest KDE, but he moved to arch due to some “differences” with the Debian team. I used to use Debian, but once he stopped doing that, I switched to KDE Neon (testing). So, no, there’s no way (that I know of) to get a “stable Debian with latest KDE”

Debian 12 comes with 5.27. If you wait a little bit, MXlinux Libretto will soon be released. Comes with the 6.1 kernel, plasma 5.27 and sysvinit.