Git exit error 128

kdesrc-build --initial-setup
=== install-distro-packages-perl ===

  • Installing system packages for arch…
    Installing packages for arch/unknown
    Using installer for arch
  • All dependencies are already installed. No need to run installer. :slight_smile:
  • Looks like the necessary packages were successfully installed!
    === install-distro-packages ===
  • git had error exit 128 when verifying master present in repository at >kde:sysadmin/repo-metadata

Which distro are you using?

Arch Linux. I already set my git credentials eg. name and email.

I come across this article:

There is currently an issue with kdesrc-build (will be updated soon)

On the Matrix channels they said they fixed it like this:

This is what I did:
git config --global --add url. kde:
git config --global --add url.ssh:// kde:

This commit fixes it Fix git 128 exit code at first run (80c3c95d) · Commits · SDK / KDE Builder · GitLab