Google Pay on Plasma Mobile?

Is there any way for KDE Plasma Mobile smartphones to make payments via NFC?

Although I still use my bank card, I’m constantly frustrated by my inability to use my smartphone to pay since, since my bootloader is unlocked on my smartphone.

This is genuinely problematic for me, because the buses in my town don’t accept card payment, but do accept Google Pay. I never have cash, so it seriously dissuades me from using public transportation.

For instance, does WayDroid pass SafetyNet and provide NFC support, or is there an OSS solution that I somehow haven’t heard of yet (despite that being impossible)?

You could use Magisk with Magisk Hide to use Google Pay. Other banking apps may or may not work though.

What, with PostmarketOS? I’m pretty sure that that wouldn’t work since I’ll be using a compatbility layer such as WayDroid.

I doubt that Magisk supports WayDroid due to a lack of a bootloader as such, and the same with VirtualBox, since it uses BIOS or UEFI rather than the Android bootloader standard.

I’ve seen people install Magisk on waydroid, I’m not sure if its possible to do that on PostmarketOS. Maybe try asking in their telegram group.
I’m sorry I didn’t read that you have a Plasma Mobile first properly.

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Do you have a link to the group, @Badland8126?

Yes. Here. Just in case if they ever change it in future or for confirmation, you can check their github or their docs.

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