Graphic pen (Wacom) and taskbar icons issues

I’d like to share with you something strange happens when I use graphic pen.
Before everything, this is my setup:
KDE plasma 6.0.3
KDE Framework 6.0.0
QT 6.6.2
Kernel 6.5.0-26
Desktop Environment X11
Graphic pen Wacom Intuos Small

Now the issue.
The issue is that it seems that sometimes, for a reason I can’t catch, it records a single left click without release this click and, when I click on an opened program in the taskbar, it moves the previous program I’ve clicked on it.
As my spoken language is not English, it’s quite difficult to explain in a good way. I post a video of this.
Consider that, when you see the program icons move, I’m not holding the left click, I always made a point and click (and release). I hope it’s clear at least the issue. :slight_smile:
If I use the mouse, everything is ok, so I’m quite sure that it’s something related to graphic pen driver…but if someone has some tips to help me on this, I’ll really appreciate.

This is the issue.

It seems that the Google video preview is broken. I suggest to download it to see what happening.