Green Line On the side of Clip using Chroma Key

On the right side of all Clips i use either the advanced or the normal chroma key effect on, a single pixel line of green pixels remains, is there any way to get rid of these?

Since the green is also inserted by another effect before it in the Effect Stack, it is a perfectly uniform color so this can’t be an artifact of it being a slightly different green to the rest of the shot due to lighting/camera etc.


Strange. Have you tried the Key Spill Mop Up effect as the last one in the stack? I agree that the green line shouldn’t be there, so if the KSMU effect doesn’t fix it I suggest you open a bug report.

Are you seeing this in the rendered video or only at preview resolutions in the monitor while editing?

I occasionally see “rounding errors” cause things to spill through layers or fail to perfectly align with the edge of the viewport, especially where scaling is involved, and sometimes these artifacts only appear with the additional scaling of preview resolutions, but aren’t present in the full size rendering. Worst case you may need to do something like add a transform to slightly zoom in on your top layer so that it’s certain to be at least as large as the viewport after all effects are applied.

It’s possible these things are ‘really’ a bug somewhere, but it could also just be the result of floating point math errors accumulating through the chain of effects you use.

Sorry for not responding earlier.

At this point i can’t easily test that anymore since i did it in a different way but thanks for the insight.