GTK4 apps don’t follow Breeze theme

The issues has been discussed here for Firefox. I have the same issue with other GTK4 applications, f.e.

$  pactree -r gtk4
│ └─bottles
│ ├─pamac-gtk
│ │ ├─manjaro-application-utility
│ │ │ └─manjaro-hello
│ │ └─pamac-tray-icon-plasma

Manjaro is recommending to switch back to GTK3. Are there any plans to adjust GTK4 in near future or what would you recommend? It’s irritating. to have all windows in light colors and only the once shown above in black …
Thank you!

The Breeze GTK theme does support GTK 4 apps in general, but not the ones using the libadwaita styling. It’s possible that it could in the future, but this hasn’t been done yet because the GNOME folks have made it hard, and libadwaita is yet another moving target we would have to keep on top of.