GUI Font size is too small

Hello everyone,
I just downloaded Kdenlive and using it the last few days.

Can’t find how to increase the GUI Font size of the application.

Running on Windows 11.

Any help?

AFAIK, this is only possible through the color scheme and/or style (menu Settings) but not individually.

Kdenlive inherits the scaling and text size settings from Windows. Settings>System>Display>Scale

I’m not aware if any per-app scaling option.

Can’t find a way to creare custom color scheme/styles. Is there any way to do so?

Yeah I noticed, but still it is very small. And it is a little annoying to increase the display size to 150% everytime I use the app…

I’m also interested about this topic. Do anyone know if it is possible to change font size or style directly by editing any configuration files?