GUI in KDE, or Qt or another alternatives

Hello everybody,

What IDE do you suggest I use KDE Developer Platform or Qt?

Any alternatives?

A stupid question, How a program like Blender works on both GNOME, KDE, and so on?

In term of IDE, there are three of them. QtCreator which is developed by Qt and is quite well maintained. KDevelop which is developed by KDE and is a bit less maintained but still received regurlarly improvements and Kate which is not strictly an IDE but has good support for many IDE-like features thanks to good support for LSP.

It really depends on your preference. I know people prefering KDevelop, other Kate and other QtCreator.

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How a program like Blender or GIMP works on both GNOME, KDE, and so on?


Roughly, programs usually use some GUI (well more than just that, really) toolkit/framework, which has some platform-specific parts to provide access to platform resources, for example drawing surfaces for well drawing graphics, like GUI elements on it (or reusing platform provided GUI elements), or dealing with files… These frameworks then offer the programmer some common cross-platform API to use and these common API calls are then translated via the platform specific layer into actual functions and resources that the different supported platforms themselves use. KDE apps use Qt frameowrk, and some apps like Blender use their own toolkit.


Thank you for you answer.