Gwenview feature request: Allow only one instance

Would it be possible to add in the options the ability to only allow one instance, so when I have a folder open I can click on various images and the already open gwenview window will just show that photo, instead of opening a new gwenview window?

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I"m not sure if it does i use Gwenview as a seconds image viewer
The primary viewer is Geeqie and it does that only one instance can change folder etc it will always stay with just one instance.

A “wishlist” bug was raised for this in 2022:

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Yes! Happens to me all the time! I see a preview of t a picture in Dolphin. Click. Gwenview opens. See another picture I want to look at. Click. Now I have two Gwenview windows! I can easily end up with 5 or 6 windows open until I come to my senses.

Probably it shouldn’t be a global option. Say I’m going through images in a folder (in single-instance mode). Then I want to compare some image with a previous one, side by side. What should I do? I can turn off the single-instance mode temporarily, and turn it back again later, but that seems tedious.

Or perhaps:

  1. I could have both “Gwenview” and “Gwenview (new window)” in the “Open with” menu.
  2. I could toggle a “Pin” switch in Gwenview, so the current image stays open, and later clicks open in another Gwenview window.
  3. I could manually open a new Gwenview window from Taskbar, or from a button in Gwenview. And later clicks open in the new window.