[Gwenview] Make the crop utility better to use

Right now, when you select to crop you drag the boundaries in to select around what you want. This is a really slow way to crop. Much better is the way GIMP and Nomacs (up to version 3.16) does it when you create the region yourself to crop by holding down the left mouse button and dragging a region selected. In the case of Nomacs, you can also rotate the cropped selection.

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While I don’t mind the current way crop is done in Gwenview, I also wouldn’t mind the behaviour proposed by the OP. A bit like what Spectacle does when you want to capture a rectangular region.

The option to rotate the cropped selection (and maybe even correct perspective) would be very nice to have, though!

I think the intent is to make the crop controls immediately available to the user. Otherwise it’s quite possible that the user might get confused about how to proceed. Makes sense I’d say.

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Yes, that strikes me as a valid reason. However I think one can gain the benefit of both by adding a message saying “Click and drag to select an area” to the darkened region that you can drag in to crop.

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I’d also like to see an option for grid overlays when cropping.