Gwenview toolbar option

Could an option to quickly open the file tree be added as a toolbar icon? There are a few edit thingies, but no file view one.

F4 does the sidepanel faster without an icon…

Sadly not quite in line with Dolphin (F4 terminal, F7 folder tree sidebar, F9 Places sidebar).

Yes I know. The question is not about the sidebar, for which there is a toolbar option. It’s about the file view ( locations…whatever you wanna call it). There are options for info and quite a bit for editing. Yet none for file view.

I see the folder tree in the sidebar and files in the main window - but I actually don’t see all those thumbnails or that icon in qimgv - maybe I prefer it tidy.

Press ‘esc’ to get out of an image view, and you get the browser - click the folder icon near the address to get a list of saved locations (Places).

It’s all there without a silly icon to click.

You have to enable the thumbnails in windowed mode in qimgv.
You prefer it tidy. That’s nice.
I repeat my question. Is it possible to have a toolbar button to open the locations in gwenview? There is no shortcut either.
I KNOW I can click the icon near the adress bar but that doesn’t open the sidebar, now does it? The location bar doesn’t show on the main view window, now does it? You have to hit esc to get out of the image view as you state, open the sidebar ( if it’s not open yet) or hit the folder icon, as you state. Seems a bit weird there are toolbar options for edit(s), some folder next to the location and yet no toolbar option for treeview ( locations) and info. Hence the question.

And one more thing. That you are a keyboard lover is pretty clear by now. But did it ever occur to you that some people, for whatever reason, might be better “served”, (find it more practical, have no real choice), with a, according to you, silly clickable button?!
What to say to people who actually use orca, kmag…etc. Get better glasses or a big letter keyboard?

You’ll get your clickable button once you edit the main toolbar (right click on toolbar, Configure Toolbar), and add Sidebar.
There’s your file tree upon buttonclick, or optionally, you can switch the sidebar to picture details or picture manipulation. The last used of the 3 (before closing the last instance or Plasma logout) shows on sidebar when you open it!

Yes. I’m aware of that. But that wasn’t the question. It’s about a location/tree toolbar button.

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Whats the difference? File tree also shows expandable folders…