Haiku porting efforts

Not sure where to post this but here it goes.
Haiku already has a descent amount of KDE frameworks/libraries/applications, created by one of our members at haikuports for a while.

Recently I started looking into this (as most things already work for me on Haiku and needed a new challenge :slight_smile: ) and started updating KF5 to 5.112.0 and libraries/applications to 23.08.4.
At this moment in the process of adding libKF5Cddb to our list to be able to use it with Tellico.

A few screenshots of recently added contributions to our packages:


Palapeli (only released it to the public yesterday):

And working up to get Tellico up and running before a release to Haiku:


Tellico can’t make it into our packages depot so far, needs newer KDE frameworks/libraries, just lik Akgregator which is nice btw! :slight_smile:


A few more screenshots, most of these are local packages, so not available to the public for Haiku. (Some dependencies not available or not recent enough).

Akregator with Falkon backend to view videos linked in atrickles:

KWalletManager, working pretty fine as it seemed to have picked up my settings in AccountWizzard for IMAP :slight_smile:

RKWard, should be good to package and release to the public:

Kommit: already available to install on Haiku

UserFeedback, available packages, so far already used in Kate and KWrite:

KGpg, not checked yet if it is OK with our current KF5 version in our depot:

A big WIP, KMail, not there yet, I think I still have some things to do on Akonadi side:


Looking forward to the day, that Haiku is a first-class platform of KDE applications and frameworks.

Big thanks to the Haikuports team!

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Haiku still strives to be able to use native applications, but it’s nice to have alternatives around! :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, at least the QWidgets-based KDE apps look quite close to native already! The Kirigami-based ones though, those are an odd mix of the platform style from the QPA and Breeze.

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Latest addition localy :slight_smile:

Tokodon 23.08.4

Tellico 3.5.3


Latest addition added to our packaging manager, Akregator (22.04.3)

In this screenshot version 23.08.4.


Available for Haiku from today, RKWard



maxima-5.47.0: “Free computer algebra environment based on Macsyma” (can be used in Cantor).

NOTE: maxima only for 64bit (not checked on 32bit)


The recent Action Retro Haiku video is like a Falkon ad.


Yeah, saw it earlier, great one! :+1:

Question, looking at KF6 (atm checking some builds for the frameworks), are mkspecs gone in the new ones?
Running cmake I see:

CMake Warning:
  Manually-specified variables were not used by the project:


First success with Frameworks/6.0 RC1 :slight_smile:


Great! I wish BeOS window decoration could return to KDE.


With a bit of luck LabPlot2 can be added to the depot (for Haiku), had succesfull builds with frameworks 5.112.0 and 5.248.0 (with relative Qt5 and Qt6) :slight_smile:

EDIT Just pushed to our haikuports repository, builds are running on our buildmasters, this should be available once the buildmasters have finished.

Checked build on 32bit Haiku (R1B4):


Bumped frameworks localy to 5.114.0 and have been able to launch Kdenlive without crashing now :slight_smile: (after bumping frei0r version and extending mlt dependencies).


Latest checks included running Elisa, Tokodon, Kdenlive, NeoChat with color schemes, one question here maybe, is there a way to change the background color for a input field?


Small(?) :wink: update, our master porter upgraded our KF5 frameworks to 5.115.0, after that I added Tokodon to the buildmasters, so now every one can use it on Haiku :slight_smile:

Got KF6 (6.1.0) and Gear 24 up and running for most of the application (not using qtwebengine, those will remain on KF5 5.115.0).

List of applications installed/checked out here:

KDevelop, NeoChat, Dolphin and Kate/KWrite already on 24.04.80