Haruna: it is awesome! But where is my queue?

I used Celluloid before and I dont like the GTK UI but it worked great.

In Haruna, the stuff I needed to find out online was accessible via the GUI!

  • change arrow up down to volume
  • change volume steps to 1 instead of 5

There is so much great stuff but I have some fundamental issues:

The queue not working?

I use the Flatpak and have any static filesystem permissions removed, which should not be an issue.

In the settings I enabled

  • only open a single instance
  • queue all additionally opened files

But when opening 2 files there is no queue to be found, and skipping to the end just repeats the movie.

Subtitles not showing

Double subtitles are cool and all, but none show? In Celluloid, same movie mkv file, they work normally.

Also the dropdown menu is extremely buggy, never had this in a Qt app.

The interface

There are manu bars in the way that are not removable. This is pretty annoying, especially as some things are duplicates.

I would like to switch to Haruna, but for the time being Celluloid works better.