Has the crystallizer effect been removed?

The crystalizer effect I used before is not in the audio effect list. Has this effect been removed or is it a bug?

System: Windows 11
Installed file kdenlive-master-1494-windows-gcc-x86_64.exe nightly version. 21/05/2023
audio effect

Hello @mesutakcan
In AppImage version: 23.04.1 (Linux) there is this filter in:
Audio > Tools > Christalizer

nightly versions link: Kdenlive_Nightly_mingw64 [Jenkins]

Hello @mesutakcan
Yes, the filter is there in this Kdenlive_Nightly_appimage version (kdenlive-master-590-linux-gcc-x86_64.AppImage) as well. Seems to be a problem with the Windows version. Sorry, but I can’t comment on that, I’ve been away from Windows for a while.

I’m glad to see anyone switching from Windows to Linux. But be careful, it’s a rocky road and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone without help from an experienced friend.

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this is latest nighlty on Windows:

(installer version)

maybe it’s necessary to do a “cleaning” to Kdenlive folders/files… ( [Windows] i want to share a Kdenlive deletion batch. • KDE Community Forums )

Hello @Bartoloni,
do you know what exactly the filter Crystalizer does and how to use it?

never used.
usually i use other softwares to edit audio. (also on videos)