Has the Neon team considered working with Tuxedo as their QA team for Neon?

Tuxedo OS is already using Neon as its base. I think it would be in their benefit if Tuxedo assists in Neon’s QA problem.

I find it highly unlikely they use KDE neon, a distro that is built above a distro (kubuntu) that is build above a distro (ubuntu) that is build above a distro (debian).

I find it more likely they are using KDE as a desktop env.

Ie, they are 2 completely different things.
https://neon.kde.org/ is a distribution
And Plasma - KDE Community is not

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I have a test system at work with Tuxedo, as I’ve been considering moving my setup from Neon to Tuxedo, and it is definitely based on Neon

Nick from The Linux Experiment has explained the main differences in a video. In addition to this, we can go into a bit more detail: Compared to Ubuntu or its KDE variant Kubuntu, we use the cutting-edge KDE Plasma packages of the KDE Neon User-Edition. We don’t just mirror these, but subject them to extensive testing on a selection of devices and only release them when we are convinced of the quality of the packages.

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No it’s not. It’s based on KDE plasma desktop. Or as they put it exactly:

Based on the KDE plasma desktop, TUXEDO OS creates a user experience that is also suitable for beginners with a large and flexible feature set for Linux professionals.

I don’t think we’re in the same page.

If you’re using either Neon or Tuxedo or Kubuntu, it is implied you are using Plasma desktop.

the reason why I said they’re using Neon as its base is because they are using packages mirrored from Neon’s repo.

I agree.

So what are you asking?

Each distro has each own support.
Each distro can have multiple desktops. KDE could be one of them. Could also be KDE only.

Support for the KDE DESKTOP is here.
The confusion is that kde neon, that is a distribution, also has its support here on this forum.

So what are you asking for?
That this forum should also support tuxedo?
Or that Tuxedo should also support the entire KDE desktop env?

I feel pretty sure that Tuxedo gives support to all KDE related stuff they have referenced to in an install if you open up a support ticket to them.

doesn’t have to be that far. Neon is a KDE project, I get that. However, as Tuxedo is using Neon’s repo, they can help with the QA of Neon’s user repo.

Would help both of them, IMHO.

What do you mean by that?

I do not use tuxedo os, but a quick search gave this random site and it says:

Independent Repositories (Mirrors): Unlike most distributions based on Ubuntu, Tuxedo OS uses separate repositories just like Manjaro does to make it easier to update the system, avoiding package conflict and providing optimized packages for its hardware.

Also: Add TUXEDO Computers software package sources - Add TUXEDO software package sources - TUXEDO Computers

I think you misunderstand what is what.

the way i read that is they are simply using the neon release as easy access to the latest KDE… then they do their own QA on it before it goes into their distro.

tumbleweed and fedora does much the same thing.

i don’t expect tuxedo will have these issues we are seeing with neon when they finally roll out plasma 6

neon is not a userland distro.


Exactly – for the case of openSUSE Tumbleweed and Leap, the magic word is – “openQA” – <https://open.qa/> :smiling_imp:

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I’m really sorry it’s been so rocky on Neon. The roll-out of Neon’s packaging of Plasma 6 was unacceptable, and we’ll be conducting an investigation to determine how it happened and make sure it doesn’t recur.


Tuxedo is a hardware company that builds machines based on Linux/GNU. They are like Mac. It is MUCH simpler for them to test against their hardware as they are the ones picking the hardware to include in their systems. Installing their OS on anything other than their tested hardware will result in the same kinds of issues that any generic “catch all” OS will have.

I for one am not critical of this release. Stuff happens and issues were fully expected. Given the amazing job you guys have done over the past couple of years, I am confident you will get it sorted quickly.

I appreciate it. We did so much work to make sure the code was in a good shape and I’m really disappointed to see the release marred by issues specific to our own distro. We need to do better, and we will.


You are doing fine. I think a lot of people have forgotten what Neon is and have failed to adjust their expectations accordingly. If this was April and we were talking about these issues in Kubuntu 24.04 when P6 had been out for 2 months, then the griping might be legit… but this is literally zero day on a brand new Plasma on a cutting edge project (as we all should know by now that Neon is not a “distro”).

About the only thing that causes me to concern a bit is Wayland. I am not convinced its ready for prime time yet. It does not cope well with complex display arrangements like mine (2 dedicated NV GPUS running 5-6 displays). X just shrugs it off and says “sure, whatever, plug it in”. The most recent installers in Testing and now the new User ISO all fail after nouveau tries to load. Just get a frozen grey screen. Same gray screen I get on some displays when I try to switch to Wayland on my working install of 5.27.

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Our messaging is inconsistent though. We say it’s not a distro, but it clearly is, and it has an edition named “User” and Slimbook and Tuxedo ship hardware with it, or with an OS based on it. IMO we need to treat it like how people use it.

LOL that’s like a worst-case scenario! Nevertheless it’s something we need to support properly. Does it work with the proprietary driver? Probably worth another thread.


Its the install ISO so there is no way to try it with the proprietary driver.

I agree, it a worst case scenario. I am impressed it works at all. I mention it just to bring it to your attention. I suspected a while ago it would be an issue with P6 and planned to simplify the hardware if needed and rebuild it back up to give the poor OS a chance to figure it all out. :smile:

I appreciate that (I really do), but it’s a little too late for me. I’ve been using Neon for over four years now and I’ve been a real fanboy. It’s been the best distro I’ve used in 25 years of Linuxing. But, the “major-upgrade-hoses-your-system” has happened too many times with Neon. This was the last straw for me. Sure problems do happen and I am prepared for them, but this was, indeed, unacceptable . Took me about two hours to be up and running with OpenSUSE Tumbleweed and I’ll stay there for now.

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If you have been using Linux for 25 years then you should have known that a zero day release of a brand new plasma was going to come with risks. If you use Facebook go to the Kubuntu group (I am the admin there) and you will see a post where I warned everybody that may be thinking of jumping to P6 on zero day that they should back up their data, run a timeshift or other recovery program, and ensure they know how to restore their systems. It comes with risks. Sorry man, but after 25 years, this is on you.

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No, it’s really on us. These mistakes with Neon were preventable and should not have happened. Yes, you should be wary of .0 major updates for any OS, but it should still not have gone this way.