Hash based blacklist for Klipper


I have to use some legacy applications that cannot be integrated with any password manager, so I must use the clipboard to copy the password into it.

Sometimes I forget to remove the password from Klipper’s history afterwards. So what do you think about a salted hash based blacklist file that contains strings that should never ever be listed in Klipper’s history list?


You would have to add every password you would ever use to this blacklist, so that these strings don’t appear in the history?
Maybe it would be quicker to have a shortcut to copy some text without having it saved in history. This way you won’t need to fill and update the blacklist, that is you won’t need to manage it, and you would skip any possible security issue which even with hashing and salting can happen.


Only those which I use in legacy applications without password manager support. But yes, a command that copies to clipboard without storing to Klipper would be a good solution, too.

Unfortunately I’m not so sure of where you could ask for this, I suppose you could create an issue here: klipper · master · Plasma / Plasma Workspace · GitLab
It seems a pretty straightforward function and maybe we don’t need to discuss it so much, but it would be better to wait for someone with more knowledge on how to move these requests to actual development.

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I filled a feature request at bugs dot kde dot org with Issue ID 487359

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Maybe you would do well mentioning the additional solution of a shortcut to not save the copied text in history, in a different feature request or in the same one (renaming the feature with something like “Option to not save some strings in history” , to make it more comprehensive).
This because I don’t see anywhere soon them creating a blacklist, for the reasons I stated above.

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I have added it to the reports, thanks for the hint.

I didn’t mention it originally because I think that such an option would have to be solved on another level, for example in Wayland. And it would probably take a very long time to implement this.

I suppose it is on the same level. Being able to filter with a blacklist what goes into Klipper’s history means that the system clipboard and Klipper’s history are two separate registries; in fact, I don’t think there even is a registry for the system clipboard, Wayland should just remember the last input. If there wasn’t such distinction, Klipper would only be a display for an already existent system registry and it is in this case that you would need to work on Wayland to implement a blacklist.

Having a shortcut to copy something in the system clipboard but not letting it appear in Klipper’s history should leverage the same distinction. But I don’t really know how everything works: this is just me thinking logically on how it seems to work.