HDMI output issue

idk if this is x11 issue or kde issue.

Here is my spec below

Operating System: Arch Linux 
KDE Plasma Version: 5.27.6
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.107.0
Qt Version: 5.15.10
Kernel Version: 6.3.8-arch1-1 (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: X11
Processors: 20 × 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-12900H
Memory: 15.3 GiB of RAM
Graphics Processor: Mesa Intel® Graphics
Manufacturer: COLORFUL
Product Name: X15 XS 22
System Version: Not Applicable

after login and close the laptop lid,desktop and taskbar didn’t show(krunner is also unavailable)

.After changing the resolution everything works fine(It works fine as well when changing it back)

Also the audio is not working as well,I have to add

pactl set-card-profile 0 output:hdmi-stereo

in my zshrc to solve it.(The gui doesn’t show this option)

Any ideas?

ps : I’m Chinese and I’m a complete novice to kde and linux.

If I’m missing some specs and other things please tell me and I will try my best.

Sorry for my bad English.

Sounds like you might be hitting 467074 – When returning from screen energy saving, Plasma forgets that an external screen is connected and doesn't assign it a containment.

Does it happen in a Plasma Wayland session?

P.S. Your English seems fine; certainly much better than my Chinese!

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