Height - Wallpaper Competition

This image was taken during my hike to the top of Cable Bay, Hamner Springs, Canterbury, New Zealand on a cold winter’s morning. I used the Triangulate by MFVIZ algorithm to, well, triangulate these images to better fit the KDE style. I also edited the original image in GIMP to make a dark variant.

(Psst, here’s the full quality versions, which includes a dark variant.)

(Here’s the original images before “Triangulation”, and also some more example desktop screenshots.)

EDIT: I should mention I am not joining this competition to win the laptop. I already have a perfectly capable computer, so I think it should go to someone else here! Also, if there’s any members who recognize me from the Zorin OS forums, hello!


What is the dock style you are using?.. I mean specifically on the right side icons?

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It’s the Colloid Plasma theme, same with the icons. The latte dock style is here.

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Seems like I can’t edit this post again, but the location mentioned is incorrect because I confused it with another hike I did… :person_facepalming: Cable Bay is an entirely seperate area.