Help for the online manual?

Hello everyone,

I can’t contribute much in terms of programming, but I was wondering if you need help, as far as the online manual is concerned, with translation into French.

As far as I can make out, no matter what language you choose for text on the internet site, the manual is always in English and in French - actually it ought to be in English or in French! :wink:

I would be quite willing to help - although I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who could… - to translate some of the passages which are still in English amidst the French version of the online manual (e.g. here). Unless there is a rationale behind the mixing of languages. :blush:

Where could I get in touch with whom to this aim?

Thanks for letting me know.



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You should find useful info here:

KDE Localization French Team

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This is because not all sections of the manual haven been translated to French. Where there are pages or content missing, the English version is displayed.
I have seen pages in the manual where only the paragraph headings were translated but the content was still in English.

Yes, so have I. This is why I allowed myself to offer help…

I am sure the French translation team was happy to receive additional help. How is it going?