Help KDE apps comply with FlatHub's new guidelines

FlatHub is changing how it will display apps on its site and has issued guidelines to help project maintainers adapt the look and descriptions of their apps to FlatHub’s new design and layout.

Not that these are guidelines, not rules. Apps that do not adapt will not be removed or penalised, except they may just not show up on the front page, as they would not fit in the aesthetic FlatHub is looking for.

We have started a task to organise things and we are now calling on app maintainers and any other contributor with a developer account to help us update apps distributed via FlatHub.

Please see below who to work with to coordinate the effort of adapting apps.

If you would like to lend a hand, subscribe to the task, read the report for each app supplied by FlatHub, and help us bring them up to date.


Hey folks. The KDE team on Flathub is coordinating things in this group: Teams / Flathub / Issues · GitLab.

Please try to keep things there. We also have a Matrix room.

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Okay. Shall we remove the task then?

Matrix room:

Ideally yes. We should merge things with Update AppStream metadata for all KDE Apps (#24) · Issues · Teams / Flathub / Issues · GitLab & Appstream Data fixes (#5) · Issues · Packaging / Flatpak KDE Applications · GitLab

Okay. Let’s close that task. I will add a note at the top directing people to the invent Flathub team and here if anyone needs further clarification.