Help to configure tiling as needed (Plasma 6)

Hi everyone. I was using Gnome for the past year and now, when Fedora 40 with Plasma 6 will come out, I want to switch back to Plasma.

The problem is: Plasma doesn’t seem to have tiling features that I got used to on Gnome with Tiling Assistant, I’m looking for a way to get something similar.

The features (if you never used gnome and that extensions):

  1. If I drag window A to the side of the screen, it’ll snap into place and I’ll be shown suggestions on what window I want to pair with window A (suggestions are all other opened windows from all desktops).
  2. Gaps between paired windows
  3. No automatic tiling for new windows (need to drag it)

I tried to find custom solutions, but I couldn’t find anything for ‘suggestions’ part.

Thank you in advance, hopefully someone knows something that would be of help :sweat_smile:

Hi there,

I am not sure where it is documented for KDE Plasma 6, but there is “manual” tiling window support that sounds like what you are looking for (similar to Windows FancyZones).

  • Pressing Meta+T will open a screen overlay which allows for loading tile area presets or to configure your own, along with a setting for “gap”.
  • When dragging a window, pressing Shift will outline the available zones the window can be dragged and tiled into.
  • I’m not sure about the “pairing/suggestions” part, as you say – I think you would need to choose which window goes where explicitly.

See here: invent kde org/plasma/kwin/-/merge_requests/2560
(Sorry, new account won’t let me post links here I guess)

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Yeah, manual is exactly what I’m looking for.
But I know about this already :slight_smile:
Unfortunately this option doesn’t have suggestions (showing a selection of available windows to pair with the first window), which makes it somewhat lacking.