Help with Maliit local development build

Hello. Hopefully it isn’t too off-topic for KDE.

I made this Pull Request to the Maliit website updating the build instructions a few months ago: Major refactor: Build Instructions by herzenschein · Pull Request #12 · maliit/ · GitHub

As it stands it works fine if you install it to your root system, but ideally the project would also have a way to be developed locally, in similar vein to what kdesrc-build does. I managed to achieve most of that, but the keyboard does not actually show up.

You can see the local development instructions here.

Could someone who knows Maliit well (or possibly Plasma/KWin?) take a look at it so it can be merged? Or maybe ping someone who knows about it.

I just need to know if:

  • developing locally is futile and I should remove those instructions; or
  • developing locally is possible and what do I need to achieve this

The existing docs are not usable for any potential contributor to start with, and I feel that the barrier to contributing to Maliit impairs the use of Plasma Wayland.

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I managed to achieve most of that, but the keyboard does not actually show up.

The way input methods are launched is somewhat special due in an effort of keeping things secure.
Kwin will search the applications dir for any .desktop files with the flag:

kwin then does the launching based on the settings in the relevant KCM.

For installation instructions you want to ensure this is working correctly

For actual development restarting kwin would be a pain, so I would suggested exporting KWIN_WAYLAND_NO_PERMISSION_CHECKS before launching kwin.