Help with title bar

Hey everyone,

I need help to title bar. I am creating an application with my own title bar and I need to know how to get the window to move. This is the same function that done Mozilla, because uses it’s own title bar.

Which is the command or scripts that allow that when I click in the title bar this window to move? And for change the size?

What language or GUI framework are you using…?

I am using C# and GDScript in Godot Engine

This sounds like a question better asked to the Godot people, not KDE :slight_smile: We support everything that’s needed for applications to request system move/resize.

I’m sorry if I didn’t explain myself well.

I need to know the same command/script to move/resize the window from title bar, therefore, this information is belonging to KDE.

I want to use the framework that KDE uses. If it is a Java script or another one that is better (the one you recommend me). I can open the console in Godot and run any script :grinning:

I can be more specific, but only for one platform: Wayland :slight_smile: (that’s because I have no idea how it works on X11…)

The protocol Godot needs to support is xdg-shell, more specifically creating a xdg_toplevel for your window deco: XDG shell protocol | Wayland Explorer. This then allows you to start an interactive drag that KDE, GNOME and other DEs can use.

This is something that has to be done natively though, it can’t be done solely through Godot scripting.

I am using Godot 3.5.3 and this version does not support the function of move, for this reason I have resorted to asking for help here.

Godot supports X11 and my KDE version is 5.27.8. This version of KDE does not support Wayland and it works with X11. Therefore, I need a person who knows X11. Could you contact someone who works with X11?

The goal that I would like to achieve is implementing the move functionality that you can see in the attached image.

This move functionality is implemented in the bar of application called Konsole, I attach a picture and it represents my goal.

On the other hand, What framework could I use to make scripts for KDE? Is there a tool that allows executing KDE scripts through of the konsole?