Hibernate mode on laptop

is there a way to hibernate my laptop when closing the lid on kde plasma.

Go to System Settings → Power Management and there on each tab of Energy Saving settings you can see a Button events handling setting and it has s “When laptop lid closed” sub-setting where you can select what to do from the dropdown.

but there is no hibernate option

Could be that your GNU/Linux distribution disabled it, if you run Kubuntu, then this might help reenabling it

would this work on kde neon?

I’m not sure, but since it is based on Kubuntu and if they did the same to disable hibernation, then yeah there is a high chance it will.

it didn’t work,might be my fault am not usual with linux in general,thanks anyway

Did you restart the computer after saving the changes to the files? Just in case it is best to do. But yeah if it still does not work, maybe someone else who knows more about KDE Neon will be able to help.

Is’nt it so, that for hibernation a swap partition larger than RAM is needed?

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Yeah, that’s how I remember it.