Hidden and Backup files in Dolphin

A suggestion that bundling together the hiding of true hidden files (dotfiles) and backup files in Dolphin (as the latest versions do) is not the best way to go. If it is desired to hide backup files then I suggest having a separate option to to hide them is a better option.

Best regards, a KDE user since alpha 0.12.

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I second that, me being a new Plasma user.

I was surprised about ‘.old’ files, as I often rename a file or folder by adding .old to compare it with a freshly generated or NEW version.

I use .old to differentiate them from system/software generated .BAK files.

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Terrible idea to hide backup files. I made 3 backup files and they became invisible. I have to know they exist, and remember this long term, because I can’t see them in dolphin. Who came up with this?

I just experienced the same and I did not like it one bit. I much prefer my bak files to be visible, please give us a way back.

Edit: for the next person who stumbles on this, here is a workaround: Is it possible to change the definition of a "hidden file" in Dolphin? - #5 by scotty65 - KDE Plasma - Manjaro Linux Forum

The behavior is optional as of the upcoming Dolphin 24.05 release.


Does anybody agree that it would also be nice to have a setting to declare that @eaDir files and folders should be hidden? These extended attribute files are visible all over the place on the disks I mount with NFS and I´d rather not delete them, but I don´t need to see them either (they are put there by the system, not by me the user).

You can choose already which extension are hidden with hidden by editing the application/x-trash mime type and add or remove file patterns to it.