Hintergrundfarbe von Dolphin - dDolphin Background

Hallo Leute,
Kann ich irgendwie die Hintergundfarbe von Dolphin ändern?

Hello folks,
Can I somehow change Dolphin’s background color?

Can I somehow change Dolphin’s background color?

You can using a style, such as the Breeze dark style and they are more available for you to download, available through System Settings in Appearance section.

Thanks, but i want change the Backkground only for Dolphin.

That’s only possible through a theme.
I believe, you can apply a theme only for an application, and you can make your own theme and obtain what you want but will require you to get your hands in theme editing.

In the general case, customization at this kind of level is not a feature any application should reasonably want to have.

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It’s hardly worth the trouble but you could run dolphin in kvantum.

  1. install kvantum
  2. get some theme ( edit the svg’s and config if necessary)
  3. Set dolphin to use that theme in kvantum applications
  4. set dolphin application to run as QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=Kvantum dolphin

Like I said, hardly worth the trouble. But do-able alright.

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