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KDE’s Custom Shortcuts

Does KDE support hotstring shortcuts like Windows AutoHotkey? For example, bind the abbreviation to automatically type out the full wordings (e.g. “btw” becomes “by the way”).

AutoHotkey (AHK) script:
Source: Beginner Tutorial | AutoHotkey v1
:*:btw::by the way ; Replaces “btw” with “by the way” without needing an ending character.

I have found a GitHub repository called AHK_X11. If KDE already support hotstring, please let me know how to do it? I’d like the hotstring replacing the word for full wordings and insert block of text.




At the moment, there isn’t anything like this built into Plasma. I’d say it’s a 3rd-party software opportunity.

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Okay, thanks for confirming ngraham.

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You’re very welcome!

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