How about a new panel mode - Intellihide?

The only thing that stops me from using the panel as a dock is an “intellihide” option. Does anybody else feel like this is missing?

What would “Intellihide” be?
“Intellihide” would basically be when the panel is always shown except for when a window is touching/covering it. When that event occurs, the panel would hide itself until no windows is touching it or when the mouse touches the edge of the screen (just as autohide currently functions).

It seems like the code already exists with autohide, just that different event listeners would need to be adjusted for an “intellihide” mode. I would love to take this on, but I don’t know C++. I’m still in the front-end learning mode with javascript–almost done though, Qt/C++ is next! :slight_smile:

Any thoughts? :eyes:


Is it like “Windows can cover”?

But with animations sorta kinda, yeah. But instead of falling to the back of the stack when something else gets focus, it animates a hide.

Not to tack on to the thread but there was an idea about a dual state panel waaaay back when which didn’t get past the idea stage - but essentially it was like intellihide but instead of hiding it got way thinner with different icons (the issue of course with both intellihide and that is that its a lot of a moving stuff happening)


Relevant bug report: 349785 – Intelligent auto-hide mode ("Dodge Windows") that hides the panel only when windows are maximized or move over it

I also would like to have it, tried to make a hacky KWin script that calls panel.hiding using Plasma Scripting API but didn’t work very well… GitHub - luisbocanegra/kwin-panel-auto-hide: A KWin script that hides Plasma panels when there are maximized windows

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Latte Dock has (had?) a Dodge Windows feature that had some options
You might look at that code for ideas, if you tackle this.


Seems like there’s some interest in this! Lattedock does indeed have this feature, and its what I’ve been primarily using for a dock. I doubt I have the skillset for this at the moment, but I’ll have a look around to see what I can figure out.

If someone were actually able to produce this feature enhancement, would it even be considered for a merge?

I can’t agree on this one enough; IMHO an icons-only taskbar dock with intelligent autohide + a top panel with global menu & system tray is the best desktop layout.

I’m itching to ditch latte dock as I have the feeling it might wind up being unmaintained and broken before long; intelligent autohide is one of the last reasons why I haven’t made the switch yet. That, plus the fact that you can’t independently change the highlight style of IOTM, and this weird bug that causes lines to be drawn on the dock hide / show animation.

Ooh, this is useful.

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We are hoping to have 349785 – Intelligent auto-hide mode ("Dodge Windows") that hides the panel only when windows are maximized or move over it implemented by the time Plasma 6 ships, FWIW!


JFYI this is now in progress with Intellihide for the panel (!3508) · Merge requests · Plasma / Plasma Workspace · GitLab and Intellihide for the panel (config UI & tweaks) (!1813) · Merge requests · Plasma / Plasma Desktop · GitLab!


just +1ing this - I would love to have Intelihide on all my panels!

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This was long due, great to see it finally rolling out soon.