How batch process not confirmed peoples tags (face tags) to set to ignore?

I would like to set a lot of face tags to ignore in a kind of batch processing.

My idea:
I would like to filter pictures by album or by tags (like the normal “search in” works). And as action step, I want to set all unknown or unconfirmed people recommendations to “ignore”. I want to keep already confirmed people tags.

Why I want not to delete them, but set to ignore? To avoid new face detection next time on these pictures. But if ignoring is not possible, deleting them would also be a solution in some cases.

I found one way, at least when filtering by tags:

  • on the left side: select people/unknown (or unconfirmed)
  • on the right side: filter by tag, if these pictures have a tag
  • in the thumbnail view: “select all” (Windows: Ctrl-A)
  • set one of them to “ignore” (try somehow to keep the selection)

I have no solution for working on albums, because there is no filter for albums on the right side and the person filter on the right side doesn’t work for unknown or unconfirmed people tags.